Connector ISO Panasonic PIN: 16

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Connector ISO Panasonic PIN: 16

Specification of the item:

Type of car connector: For panel radio
Kind of connector: ISO
Application – radio brand: Panasonic
Application – radio model: CQ-C 1001 NW, CQ-C 5100 N, CQ-C 5300 N, CQ-C 1311 NW, CQ RDP 003N, CQ RDP 113, CQ-C 1120 AN, CQ-C 1120 GN, CQ DFX 983N, CQ-C 110 VN, CQ-C 1321 NW, CQ DFX 223, CQ DFX 683, CQ DFX 783, CQ RDP 103, CQ MX 2083N, CQ-C 1110 AN, CQ RDP 123, CQ-C 1110 GN, CQ-C 1300 AN, CQ-C 1301 NW, CQ-C 3300 N
Number of pins: 16
Manufacturer: 4CARMEDIA
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